Trying to upgrade from Sugar CRM CE 6.5.2 but PHP errors preventing me. Can I fresh install and use my existing database Advice?

Thank you in advance for the help.

I’m currently on a shared hosting plan on Siteground. Right now, my SugarCRM instance will let me log in, but subsequent pages are all blank. I had it working at once point yesterday, but it is not working now.

I want to transition to SuiteCRM but I literally can’t get to the page to upload the update. It doesn’t appear that there is any way for me to run the upgrade without it.

Is there a way I can install a new instance and use my SugarCRM CE database?

I’m a little bit out of my element here as you can see. Any advice or questions would be greatly appreciated!

I’m reading about the silent upgrade, but I appear to be stuck while running the command to upgrade from the SSH terminal.

It is telling me “no such file or directory” in response to ./vendor/bin/robo

It probably will be easy to import data.

Create an updated instance of SuiteCRM.

Then export the data from sugar, observing the dependency between modules. So, for instance, you need to create users first; then import accounts; contacts; opportunities using the import tool for each module.

Another way is to do it directly from one database to another. Thare are free ETL (Extraction, Transformartion and Load) tools available in the market that allow you to mape from one database (Sugar) to another (Suite) and do the job.

The most difficult part are the users migration along with passwords, roles ans permissions.

Checking both your logs would give you precious information about what is going wrong.

About doing a migration to a new install, I would not advise it unless your data is really simple. If you use many modules and have many relationships between them it will get quite complex.