Trying to assign two products to 1 Account

Hi all;

I have an accounts to which I need to assign two different products.

Account A

  • Product 1
  • Product 2

The thing is that when I fill “Account field” on that product and select “Account A”, only one is kept. I mean: If product 1 has already Account field as “Account A”, when I do the same on Product 2, the first one is deleted.

Any idea?

Thank you all.

you probably chose the wrong kind of relationship, you’re looking for a n:m relationship (a product can have multiple accounts and accounts can have multiple products).
It sounds like you’re using a 1:n relationship instead.

Seems that you are right.

If I delete that relationship and create a new one, will I lose all already created relationships?

if you delete that wrong relationship, the according table is being deleted too, therefore:

  1. create the new relationship
  2. migrate old relations to the new relationship table (I personally would do that using mysql-queries, but please create backups first in case something goes wrong)
  3. delete the old relationship