Trying SuiteCRM for the first time having used "others" - question on lead view

So, I want to setup my leads so that I can “view” them complete with physical addresses. In addition once that view is established that I can see the physical address I want to export to Excel as such.

Any ideas? When I do an export it completes okay but only carries basic fields not everything I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I’ll look into this now for you.

Would you like to see the Primary address on the list view? as you should already be able to see them in the detail view
When you export your selected leads all there information should be exported including the primary address by default

I appreciate your help. When I looked into this further for whatever reason my leads had “basic” view. Seems I needed to go into the Studio to select the appropriate items I wanted to see in the “view” and from there I had everything I needed.

Still learning but thanks for the prompt assistance.

ps on a side note the export only exported what I was seeing - it did not export ALL data least from what I could see.