Troubleshooting: what log files should i check? Contact sync is stopping after 101 records, meetings after 110 records


I have suitecrm running on a server and the mysql database stored on a separate server. Having installed the outlook plugin on a windows machine, where should i be looking for log files when troubleshooting the plugin?


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Since you didn’t get any answers, I can answer only in general, and only about the Linux side of things (SuiteCRM server), if you are running it in Linux…

You can check
sugarcrm.log - in your root directory of SuiteCRM
php_errors.log - search for it with find / -name php_errors.log

If all those records are getting synced in a single transaction to the server, you might want to check your php timeouts, Google for set_time_limits

I hope this helps.

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thank you, it was helpful yes.

However, i have ended up testing grinmark synchroniser, which after some difficulty setting up appears to be working well.