Troubles with SuiteCRM? Increase the memory in PHP

We just upped the memory_limit for SuiteCRM in php to 256M and min post size to 60M and many of our issues have disappeared and the application is super smooth to use now.

I think the defaults for most shared hosting plans is too low for CRM to work well, increasing this will make all the difference.

I think we’ll try a memory_limit of 512M and see what happens

Yes I always recommend 256MB or even 512MB if possible (although it really shouldn’t be necessary).

Note that your php_errors.log file should have been warning you about these problems, a FATAL message is logged there whenever the memory_limit is exceeded.

What was the memory_limit you had before, when you were running into problems?

The default for the hosting package, can’t actually remember.

It’s been a while since I installed, is the recommended PHP memory limit, post size, etc included in the installation instructions?

Most hosting is pretty good these days so having a more robust memory requirement should be fine for this kind of software.

Our minimum as stated in the Documentation is 128MB, but in the software we just check for 64MB which can in fact be enough… it really depends on your workload and on many factors. This low check keeps it more compatible with the different hostings out there, including small containers and people who run SuiteCRM off of a Raspberry Pi… :ohmy:

But whenever people ask me here in the forums I just say 256MB, and whenever I install personally I make it 512MB.