Troubles with crmSuite in a 1&1 Server

Hi Everybody,

After a new installation (crmSuite 7.9) in a 1and1 Server (PHP 7.1), I have a lot of problems with js methods. For example, if i want to register a Call, the explores gives me this errors like:

1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fill_invitees’ of undefined at HTMLInputElement.onclick (VM3007 index.php?action=ajaxui:1) onclick @ VM3007 index.php?action=ajaxui:1 2VM3007 index.php?action=ajaxui

It happens when I create Calls, Meeting, etc…and it’s imposible to save any :frowning:

Best Regards

Which 7.9? Is it 7.9.0, 7.9.9, what?

Check your suitecrm.log for any clues at the moment you try those functions, or for any other messages of type “ERROR” or “FATAL”.

i got Problems with Php 7.1, maybe try to change it to 7.0.

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