Trouble setting reminders

This is probably easy question but I don’t see how to solve it. And I need it badly by Monday.

I am not sure how to set up workflow for reminder on Expected Close Date for Opportunities.

This is my current set up:

  • cron job in win scheduler on every 5 minutes
  • standard perpetual suitecrm scheduler for AOW

And I want two very simple email reminders to be sent to assigned user. One email should be fired 5 days before the expected close date and another one 3 days before the expected close date. Preferably on 9am each.

This is how the workflow is set:

And of course when today is 5 days before the expected close date I start to receive emails every 5 minutes.

How to make it send only one email and preferably on 9am?



At the moment, I dont believe Workflow has the option to specify times for the Emails to be sent.

However, one way to do this may be to modify your Scheduled Task for AOW to run at 9am, though this would likely affect other Workflows, as they would run only at 9am too.

In regards to your Workflow itself, Do you have “Repeated Runs” enabled?
If this is checked on the Workflow, it will fire the workflow each time the Scheduler / Cron runs. (As long as the Workflow conditions are met)

It is recommend to only use “Repeated Runs” if you are using a “On Change” condition in your workflow, Or if you have a Workflow action that will negate the conditions.

(For example, If you have a condition for: example_field Equal To Value True, and the action is e.g: Modify Record :- example_field Equal To Value False)

Hi John.

Yes if I modify scheduler for AOW than it would affect all other workflows as well. So this is not an option. It could be a great advantage to have specified times for triggering email. I will vote for this option to be added in the future releases.
Meanwhile I will change my windows scheduler task to run every 5 minutes starting every day at 9am and stop at 23pm to make it work good enough for this setup (to override the problem with email timing) since I actually don’t need any workflows during the night.

Another question, No “Repeated runs” are disabled.
It acted strange so I had to look at the log and found that there is an error related to scheduled reports. Like this one:
[FATAL] Job 79a103b1-5fb5-59c1-990a-57bac226f60a (Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks) failed in CRON run
I have searched on this forum and found out that a lot of users are experiencing strange problems caused by this one. Recommendation is to deactivate scheduler Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks.
Made it Inactive and it looks like it could be the solution for me. Now I get only one email 5 days before opportunity expected date end. I will keep an eye on this for a while just to make sure that now it works like it should.

On the other hand I may need a few scheduled reports. So, I will try to find what is causing this error. Currently I don’t have reports with schedulers on them but will create one and will re-enable scheduler Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks.



Good to hear you’ve found some form of a workaround, even if for the time being.

Which version of Suite CRM are you currently on?

I believe that the (Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks) failed in CRON run issue has been resolved as of 7.6.3

So, you may wish to upgrade, (Or implement the fix linked above yourself) to resolve this issue.

Uh!..very close but not enough 7.6.2 B)

It looks like I need to go for an upgrade. Will try the newest version.