Trouble installing language pack

I’m new to Suite CRM

I just installed SuiteCRM and uploaded the (portuguese) translation file to module loader.
I changed the Admin>locale and Admin>language to portuguese but it didn’t work, even after Quick Repair and Rebuild.

I changed the config and config-overide file to ‘default_language’ => ‘pt_BR’, but it only translates the login page.

What should I do?

config.php -
Admin>locale -
Admin>language -
Module loader -
login page (translated) -
CRM (not translated) -


Sorry to hear that you are having trouble.

Just before we look into whether or not this is an issue, when you are installing your language pack did you follow this Guide?

This describes step by step on how to install a new language pack, it helped me to do so.

Please let us know how you get on.

Thanks again.

Yes. Did exactly that. In my suite CRM installation I can’t select the language when logging in. It don’t display the language selection box.

What version of Suite is it that you are running?

Also, when you are installing the language pack, are there any signs that it may not have installed correctly?

Finally, are there any errors in the logs (Admin->System Settings->View log (at bottom)) that could possibly point us in the right direction?

Thanks again.

I deleted my instance of Suite CRM and reinstalled it. It works. Thanks

Ah, at least it is working now!

Had you changed anything this time around that has altered the result?

Thanks for letting us know!