Trouble archiving using SuiteCRM Address Book

Seems we can manually archive after the fact using the Archive functionality; however, when we send an email using the SuiteCRM Address Book, none of the text is captured in the archive. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Is this when sending an email? Can you provide some screen shots?



HI, Will. Thanks for offering to help. So two weeks ago we were able to SEND an email using the SuiteCRM Address Book functionality, and while a Note would be saved in CRM, there was no text. Last week and this week, I am able to use the SuiteCRM Address Book to grab an address and send an email; however, now nothing at all is captured in CRM. In this case, I can’t send a screenshot because there is nothing to show. I have been unsuccessful in my search for an old email that shows the note in History but with un-supporting text. I guess at this point, need to figure out how to get the emails to archive using the SuiteCRM Address Book to SEND an email.