Trello for SuiteCRM

I had a lengthy chat with one of the guys at Suite and although, I understand that Suite has a project element to it, the simplicity of something like Trello would be an incredibly useful collaboration tool on Suite. Trello is a virtual corkboard of columns and ToDo cards that are moved from columns like, Ideas > Doing > Review > Done.

For me, I have tried so many options out there because I need something that is easy for my team to learn and understand and at the same time, I want to keep all of my data for myself, so that some day, when I sell up my business, an incredible log of information is sold in one CRM.

Here’s a good example where WooCommerce is using Trello as a roadmap of products that were suggested and being worked on.

This makes it super simple to understand, learn and use.

I have used Projects in Vtiger so I am familiar with how this works in Sugar but it is incredibly clunky.

Would it be possible to look into something like this for Suite?

Thank you!

Would you be looking to have a module within suite that is similar to Trello or simply have the ability to have your existing Trello accounts integrated into suite as I see it has an open API?

Hi Andy,

At the end of the day, what matters most to me is that I own all the data which is valuable if I decide to sell my business some day. Whatever options is going to store that information in the CRM DB is the route I am willing to go.

I have seen they have an open API but not had time at all to look into it.

Does Suite have an API that could make the two talk with one another, especially the projects module?

Many thanks

Yeah suite could easily be made to talk to Trello but I think if you use Trello’s API then the data would still be stored on Trello’s server… To store all the data within the crm it would require a custom module to be built that works like Trello. You are the only person thats ever asked for this as far as I am aware so Im not sure if we would build this off our backs.

The name of the cards view, in project management, where you can drag and drop the cards from column to column as you make progress on them, is “Kanban View”. Very common feature in today’s project management / collaboration apps.

I suppose you could use a paid service like to ship all of your work in Trello back to SuiteCRM. It’s not a true “sync”, and can only create new records, but it may help you to at least capture all of that data - even if it’s not a true integration.

You could also perhaps use the Trello api to capture your Trello data into a custom module without actually building a Trello like interface in Suite.

Yeah, that would be the best option for the time being until someone finds the time to make the CRM’s version super sexy like Trello :slight_smile:

Seems to be coming :slight_smile:

The better integration would be a Kanban board, that is self hosted. This makes the GDPR process the same as for SuiteCRM.
How about:


Trello is a beautiful tool but it can get pricey as you add users and functionality (via “power ups”).

Another two to consider … both open source … are Tuleap and Kanboard.