Treatment of arrays in 7.5.1

I have clean installed the latest release (7.5.1). The database appears to have been setup fine. There is limited functionality however for the dropdown menus and I think it has something to do with retrieving and storing table/category fields and associated entries. One other person on this forum mentioned the same line numbers in the code for sugarbean.php located in the “data” file which in xampp (as I am using) is at xampp/htdocs/suitecrm/data/SugarBean.php.
A closer look at the apache error log file yields: [:error] [pid 9440:tid 1664] [client ::1:54570] PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\suitecrm\data\SugarBean.php on line 2349, referer: http://localhost/suitecrm/index.php?module=Users&action=Login
This is the same line referred to, and in a popup on the hosted SuiteCRM site when attempting to use certain menu items. Some function but show the same message and some wont display anything but the error messages. The least line of the popup reads: Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\suitecrm\data\SugarBean.php on line 2349
The same error and message occurs on the SuiteCRM Apache error log on line 3382 of SugarBean.php.
I understand that it’s something to do with treating an array like a string that is causing the error, but my unfamiliarity with PHP coding means I’m better to ask someone more familiar before I tinker and perhaps break the functionality I already have.
The last guy posted the same 2 lines causing trouble btw, but without an answer the subject was closed, so I’m not the first and possibly not the last to come across this.
Can anyone assist?


The most recent version of SuiteCRM, 7.5.3, has had a few bug fixes implemented over 7.5.1

If you upgrade to 7.5.3, are your issues resolved?

If not, could you provide some more information on this issue?

(I.e, How to replicate, Screenshots or links to the previous forum posts you mentioned)