Translations will continue to be free on SuiteCRM Store?

There is now SuiteCRE Store created after a partnership SalesAgility/SugarOutfitters
Partnership info here:

I collected some reply from the involved that brings other questions that needs to be answered/require statements from the involved.

[quote=“salesagility” post=31476]From the project’s perspective we want to focus on the core application and to produce the best CRM we possibly can. We don’t want to focus on the ecosystem or to police it.
To that end we have partnered with Jason @ sugaroutfitters to provide the ecosystem store for SuiteCRM.[/quote]

My questions are

1- Will translations (now available for free from Crowdin project be listed for free on new store or will they be turned into paid packs?
Note: There is a language pack listed on sugaroutfitters for $99
My question is not for the ones creating a paid package under opensource licence (and there are others also doing a paid job for it), is for the coexistence on paid and free packs for the same language in the same store. Else there will be the need to have a different way of distributing free language packs

2 -Will translations be considered as a community product or listed as a SugarOutfitters product?

3- Why require an account to download translations?

4- Will language packs for Sugar also be listed considering that “It even works with SuiteCRM” as stated on the sugaroutfitters store for the Swedish Translation? I’m sure no high quality “curating work” will ever stands on the claim that the same pack is good for both systems!
It also do not stands for a store that will comply to “The vision is for a single point where high quality extensions such as language packs are available and manageable”

  1. Our understanding with Jason is that free products will also be available in the SuiteCRM store. For instance, we will be launching our new Outlook plugin - completely open source and free and the download will be available in the store.

My expectation is that they will be available free. Anyone who wants to create paid-for language packs can also put them on the store.

  1. A community product

  2. A good question

  3. My expectation is that everything that is in the SuiteCRM store will relate directly to SuiteCRM. I asked Jason to remove all references to SugarCRM from the SuiteCRM store and am pretty sure that this is complete. I do not expect any “also works with” and agree with you … the claim that a language pack works for both systems is risible.