Translation project stats for 7.6.x

Horus, all tranlations are downloading a corrupted manifest file

 * SuiteCRM Translations
 * @URL:
 * @author SuiteCRM Community via Crowdin
$manifest = array( 
	'name' => 'Portuguese (Portugal)',
	'description' => 'Tradução:',
	'type' => '',
	'is_uninstallable' => 'Yes',
	'acceptable_sugar_versions' =>
		  array (),
	'acceptable_sugar_flavors' =>
	'author' => '',
	'version' => '',
	'published_date' => '',
$installdefs = array(
	'id'=> 'pt_PT',
	'copy' => array(
	array('from'=> '','to'=>''),
	array('from'=> '','to'=>''),
	array('from'=> '','to'=>''),

or maybe i’m doing something wrong? various arrays are not filled with important data, type, suiteversion, suiteflavor, etc.

best regards

Now is working again, latest build 1 hour ago, I posted this 1 1/2 hours ago.

best regards

Bad timing for you!
It was a temp workaround to change the alphabet for one language (and that required a different build).
New build is a regular build and its ok for all.