Translation error in list view's "delete" button


I’m using SuiteCRM 7.9.2 and installed a german translation.
Besides of errors in dropdown lists that I could already fix, I’ve found another translation error in the list view / tasks.

E.g. when opening the list view of a contact or company, I’ll find the activities row with all my assigned activities.
When I want to delete an asigned task (ok, remove the relation… ) the translated german text says:“Email Adresse löschen” (“delete email address”) which is in fact wrong. I want to change that. Where/how can I do that?

Pls. see attachment for detail.


Ideally you would create an account in the translation system and ask to become a contributor to the German translations - any help is welcome:

Apart from this, you can fix things in your own system by searching within the files for that string and editing it. I don’t know the exact location because it depends on the module, but it will be something like this:


Note: it was “Remove” but changed to “Remove Email Address” in the most recent PR for the file.

file is: include/language/en_us.lang.php
‘LBL_ID_FF_ADD’ => ‘Add Email Address’
‘LBL_ID_FF_REMOVE’ => ‘Remove Email Address’

An issue was created here now:

Update: new language pack ( now avoids this by reverting the PR to previous version