Transferring call history from leads to opportunity and contacts

I’m not sure if our expectations are incorrect but I would expect that any history created on a lead would follow that lead through as it converts to an opportunity and contact.

E.G. We are working a lead and during that time we create notes and log calls related to that lead. When we convert that lead to an opportunity and create a contact at the same time the logged calls and notes don’t seem to show up under that opportunity’s history. And only the notes seem to show up under that contact’s history but no call logs. Is this intended or are we using the system incorrectly?

I would expect that all the history related to a lead would be carried over as that lead progresses through the sales cycle. It’s tedious to have to go back to the lead to look at the history while one is working on the opportunity.

You need to ensure you set ‘Move’ or ‘Copy’ in Admin -> System Settings for the Lead Conversion Options.



It was already set to move. I’ve now set it to copy to see if it makes any difference.

It’s not that nothing is being transferred when converting the lead but the fact that call logs are not being transferred to the opportunity or contact module. Note and the other details are being transferred.