Tracking product requests


We run a business whereby we deal with lots of healthcare professionals etc who request literature from us.

I am just dabbling in creating a landing page whereby those people can find out more information about us. I wondered if there was a way to track how may brochures or specific pieces of literature those people request.

The idea behind this is that if I create a landing page with specific items, it will help me track which marketing literature works and is worth ordering in the future.

Thanks in advance. B) B) B) B)

You could perhaps uses a web to lead form for this? Or if that’s not good then do something with the REST or SOAP api. It would require some custom coding.

Hey Andy

Thank you for your response.

In fact that was my idea with respect to a web to lead form. Obviously at the moment it is possible to add say a descriptor field in the request form, but I wondered if say there was a way to use the built in product facility within suitecrm to track these kinds of requests and who and how many they were ordering. Also that way my staff would be able to ascertain a certain frequency and hopefully preempt these kinds of requests.

I thought perhaps someone else would be doing something similar so thought I’d ask.

Thanks again