Tracking Pixel in all outgoing emails? (not campaigns)

Is it possible to have a tracking pixel added to outgoing individual emails (not campaigns) so we can track open rates?

We use SuiteCRM for outgoing sales development so this would be super helpful.

If you can add images to emails, you can add tracking pixels to emails.

I remember hearing someone discussing this, I believe it was on an issue on Github…

That’s a real shame - it really would make a difference with the effectiveness of the CRM. After you use a CRM with an email open tracking, it’s hard to get back.

A must for any kind of sales process.

As the functionality is there with campaigns, could it be repurposed to the standard email package?

Why don’t you create the Campaign, but don’t send it. Then just grab the URL for the pixel from those emails, and put it in your individual emails. Then use the Campaign status screens to track. This just might work :unsure: