Tracking last user activity

I followed instructions at to set up workflows to track user activity. I created a field called Last Activity Date in both Contacts and Leads. I then set up workflows for emails, calls and meetings to update the Last Activity Date field when any of those are set. I believe this was working previously before I updated SuiteCRM. I have tested the email workflow but it does not update the Last Activity Date field which remains blank. No values are being put into it. I tried changing the field from Datetime to Date and vice versa but no effect. The workflow fires as the audit shows but there is no update to the field.

Tracking the last activity date should be a built-in function, I feel. However, even these workflows no longer work. Would appreciate any ideas or feedback. Thanks.

The Last Activity per Account, Lead and Contact will be a great feature, i am in to!

Same here…was working now running 7.6.2 and now not working???

Yes, I totally agree, if it would be an exceptional feature for proper monitoring of the sales force.