Tracker module not able to implement

Dear All,

i want to track each and every action in each module in the suiteCRM portal
for example, create, save, edit, list… etc
There is a tracker out of box module available , but not able to implement in the portal… if there is any document or any suggestions for tracker module , please share with me…
appreciate your help.
thanks in advance.

I can’t say TRACKER works in API hits, I think you ned to build your own module and call a “set_entry” each time you hit a request.

Suite tracker module is very simple, just logged current user session and their views.

HI Ashish,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
I created a module named hello.
when i visit to the edit view and detail view of hello module. the tracker table is updated with the edit view and detail view action…
can you please explain me the flow of it. i think if i come to know about these… i can figure it how to add any other actions in the tracker table.
since the editview and detailview is applies to newly created module also.
so ,tried to find whether the portal use any application logic hook for edit view or detail view, … but i couldn’t find it…
can you please help me on that…

We have built some thing related to this, where you can track all the history of the user. Let me know if you need any help related to this

please guide me to achieve this