Track User Activity

Is it possible to track user activity? Like last login.

Not last login out of the box, but you could run a report(Reports module within SuiteCRM) on the ‘Trackers’ module which gives you information about records users have viewed/edited.



Hi Will
Thought you’d be the right person to ask about Reports. I want to create an Activity Report that would show what users in the Users Security Group have been up to in SuiteCRM. Namely I have users in a general Users Security Group (sales people with their own login accounts) who I’d like to get a report of what they have been doing in the CRM.
How can I go about doing this? I’ve tried creating a Users Activity Report by selecting Members Of assigned to “Assigned To” but the report is empty with no results.
Any documentation on how to create a useful report or sample reports that I can download to experiment with?

Thanks so much for your time.