Track Email Clicks

I have set up a work flow whereby after a user registeres their details on a web form, an email (10 different ones) automatically goes out to them once a week for 10 weeks.

This email includes a link to a web page that includes more detailed information.

Is it possible to note who clicked on this link and then redirect them to the web site.

Sort of like tracker URL in campaigns.


Hi David,

Tracker URL’s are specific to campaigns. There may be some third party modules which offer the functionality of a tracker link within a standard email.



Hi everyone, is there any update on the ability of SuiteCRM to track NON-CAMPAIGN based emails? So an email that was sent out individually to a user (e.g. via a workflow).

Or is there a third-party module for tracking of individual, non-campaign based emails?

See also url tracker in regular email templates