Track Campaigns results

Hi everyone,

this is a basic but fundamental question: in SuiteCRM, before creating an Opportunity,

how could you track a Campaign results or in other words, how could you see the status of a single Lead or Contact for a single Campaign?

Scenario: you create a Campaign, and you select as Target List a bunch of Leads and Contacts (based on your filters criteria),
after launching the Campaign, how could you track your efforts results?

How many Leads have changed their status to “interested in” or “very interested” about this specific Campaign?

How many Contacts have changed their status in the same way about the Campaign?

I’m thinking about creating a custom module “Interests” with three One-to-Many relationships:

Leads 1:N Interests
Campaigns 1:N Interests
Contacts 1:N Interests

in order to achieve this environment:

Leads - Interests - Campaigns
Contacts - Interests - Campaigns

What do you think about it?

Is the detailed view under Campaign status not enough?

Hi Pgorod, thanks for asking,
It’s a good help if you are managing an Email Campaign.
But what if the Campaign is Not-email based?
Think about a fair… you meet a lot of Leads there, after the fair you start to call them for a specific product, and if you found some interest, you schedule a demo with them, …after all of that, you create an Opportunity.
How to keep track of all these infos?

Oh, I get it now, ok.

Personally I would try modelling this in a simplified way, with just a custom “status” field. I actually do this in one of my projects just by going in Dropdown editor and editing lead_status so that it reflects our “workflow” with each Lead. Then the staff is formally trained to know exactly what each Status means and when to change it.

But if you need more information, or many “statuses” per lead, then you might want a relationship. But things will get more complex…

Yes, exactly: i need more statuses per each Leads.

But this involves Contacts also;
if i don’t create an Interests module i would have to open a new Opportunity in a very early stage. In addiction with this “Interests” module i could track in the same view Leads and Contacts reactions.

Maybe this could be useful for others also…

Hi @Pgr,
thanks to Jason Eggers (the prolific developer behind SecuritySuite and owner of SugarOutfitters) we understood what’s the purpose of the Create button in Contacts’s lead subpanel:

So you can create one Lead for every product /service the client show interest in;
once the lead is qualified that it gets converted to an opportunity (goes into the sales funnel).

I never thought of it that way - creating a Lead from a Contact, not the other way around :huh:

But why not simply create an Opportunity from a Contact, when he shows interest in a product? Why do you need the extra step of the Lead?

Because for an Opportunity you need some extra data:

  • potential closing date
  • potential amount

And if you meet a new person or an already known one in a fair, you don’t have them.

Moreover in this way, you can track the Marketing efforts results on a single module: Leads.

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Hi, could you explain if this will work for our case? we have multiple proposals all the time where we want to gather initial interest from. If they show interest, we create an opportunity. We communicate with both leads/targets/accounts and we need to track who showed interest or declined proposal Y, which is seperate from their interest in proposal Y