Top bar without any navigation items, email can´t attach any file to email


I’m new to suitecrm

The installation is up and running in a ovh server. Updated to 7.7.9 with suiteP theme

When configuring the crm i stuck in a problem, the navigation menu in header disappeared now i just have home icon and ALL by is side, how can I restore the menu items ?

other problem is the email, i can’t attach files to emails, do you have any solution to this ?



Try going into Admin > Configure Module Menu Filters

This is the configuration of the menu

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

i have try to change the filters and notihing

there’s an item in admin - Display Modules and Subpanels

i try to understand what was the aim of this topic but this has notihing .see the attach

after a make save in this item the filters from the head bar been gone and i can’t put them back

help please

Seems to be a problem with the environment or install.
Could you please provide information on your environment and how you installed suite?
Could you also try running a repair and rebuild? in Admin > Repair

repair done - the same

installed at ovh server, php 5.6 mysql, …what else do you need ? made update to 7.7.9 yesterday

rebuild made over config.php - the same

SuiteCRM Dashlets cache file rebuilt - the same

what else can i rebuild or it’s better to reinstall ? - there is a simple way to do this or it’s better to refresh server and then install new version ?

Thanks for your help

yeah, try a fresh reinstall, make sure the all the permissions are correct when doing this. What operating system are you using?

linux based …shared hosti9ng