Tooltip systemwide


I’m running into a problem. We don’t see the i-icon (tooltip?) next to fields where the help text is filled.
I don’t know if it is a feature that can be turned off or that it’s a bug or something.

We are running version 7.11.3
On ubuntu 18.04
php 7.4

I hope someone can help me.




SuiteCRM 7.11.xx support php version 7.3 as a maximum. To do downgrade.

I have the same problem, running php version 7.3.

Although, I’m beggining to think this is the intended behaviour? The normal behaviour is that help text appears when you hover over the field? This video makes it appear as if the (i) icon can be switched on, but as explained in the video I think it’s only switched on in code…

It’s a shame it can’t be switched on universally.