To disable "EDIT" or "CREATE" buttons through Studio

We were advised that we can use “Studio” to customize buttons, remove feature etc.

For example, I would like to know if there is a method to disable “edit” feature in accounts, even when user owns the account, using “Studio”.
All the examples, we have found requires code change, which we would like to avoid.

Thank you

I think it is difficult to do without coding. I never saw that option in the Studio.

Thanks. Is that a fact?
Just wanted to confirm… before we give up on this!


It is of course possible in Suite, to prevent some users from being able to EDIT Accounts, or any module.
Not by Studio - but by the Roles functionality -which is in the standard documentation here.

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Thanks after trying … we could only find a way to disable both “Create and Edit”, but not just Edit.
We would like user to still create it… but not able to edit it once saved.
Any suggestions within Studio?

Hey you can purchase the securitysuite. Which among other features gives you the capability to have separate permissions for create and edit