to become an integrator, need answers for couple questions

Good day, everyone!

I have decide to become a Suitecrm integrator. also I planing to finde an IT specialist that will take over the technical part

I will be grateful if you answer a few questions:

  • what technical background to the specialist need;
  • what payments need to be made for using suite crm for my costumers.

Thx for answering and sorry for poor english! :slight_smile:

You basically need a web developer. Technologies used are mostly PHP and Javascript. Some SQL knowledge is helpful.

Specific SugarCRM or SuiteCRM training is very valuable. There is a tough learning curve for this system, and if you can skip those problems by getting someone who knows it, it’s better. If not possible, just give him a lot of time in the early stages, and start with simple projects.

Neither you nor your customers have to pay anything to SalesAgility (who maintains SuiteCRM).

It’s good practice to try and give back to the Community by helping out in the Forums, on GitHub, contributing to Documentation or even to the code.

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thank you for answering my question!