[TIP] Easy way of integrating SuiteCRM with OwnCloud as file repository

Hi there!

I was looking for an wasy way of integrating SuiteCRM with a document repository.
I think I found a solution that might fit some people who don’t need a highly sophisticated soultion.
It requires some manual work, but works for me.

For all those, here is how it works:

In the respective module, e.g. “Projects” create a URL field, here we will paste the link to the OwnCloud directory.
In OwnCloud create a new directory for every Project that needs a repo and generate the share link.
Paste this link into the Repo-URL field.

If you would like to open the Explorer there is a solution (at least for Firefox):

Install the “Local Filesystem Links” Plugin (otherwise the browser will not open the link)
Install the OwnCloud client and sync a directory on your HDD to OwnCloud.
Whenever you create a new project generate a new directory and copy to the URL-field:


When you open the project, there will be a small icon next to the directory URL and you can open the Explorer directly from your project.

Hope this helps!

Are you talking of these browser plugins?

Local Filesystem Links :: Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-pt/firefox/addon/local-filesystem-links/

Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/local-explorer-file-manag/eokekhgpaakbkfkmjjcbffibkencdfkl

Yes. However I only tested Firefox. But it looks like the Chrome plugin will also do the trick…

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