Timing Condition Question

Hi communitiy,
hopefully somebody can help me. I Think i just dont get the timing condition of my workflows right, so that the workflow is triggered at the wrong time. Scheduler is running fine.
I want to change the field “Change Status” to “Ini next change!” 4 month before the field “contract end date” is reached.
I attached a screenshot --> wf-ced-screen.png

A similar question to the following condition:
i want the system to send a email if the field “new_contract_end_date” is null AND the record created date is 2 weeks ago.
Even here mail will be send, but at the wrong time. Its sent instantly as soon a record is created instead of 2 weeks after the created date.
I attached a screeni --> wf-dcr-screen.png

What iam doing wrong?

I might be confused, but if it’s 2 weeks ago, shouldn’t you make that “+” a “-”?

And the other one - I know there are some bugs with dates on Workflows. Some of them are related to timezone issues or language issues (date formats). Maybe you can try searching Gihthub for these…

it seems that there are still some bugs on date conditions.

i solved this that way:
i created a calculated field in workflow condition where i use the datediff function to calculate the number of remaining days:
{datediff({P0}; {now(Y-m-d)} ; days)}
–> {P0} stands for the selected date field (added parameter)
Then i created a second workflow where the status will change to desired value if the field with the calculated remaining day is <= 90

BUT now :slight_smile:

i have a new problem:
i setup a workflow field status_c which changes to “done” if the field somefield_c is not null
this works great so far, but when i change the status_c back to “open” the workflow triggers it back to “done”.
i have repeated runs checked, because the field somefield_c will be filled by database synchronization, so i cant use “Only on save” because there is no “real” save action.

do you know how i can stop this SINGLE record being affected by the workflow as soon as the conditions become “true”?

I don’t think you should turn on “Repeated runs” if you want the workflow to run only once for each record - that is what that option is for.

What you mention about triggering the Workflow with something that is not a save means that you should select for the workflow to “Run: Always”, meaning both “on scheduler” and “on save”.

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