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TimeZone Version 8.0


I have recently installed SuiteCRM version 8.0, and it is working fine. The problem which I am facing is that, all the records are being saved in UTC timezone, which is having a big issues with my users.

I tried changing the timezone from their user profile, but still, after making the changes in the profile timezone is no affect on the list nor other area of Suite CRM.

Kindly guide how can I get the time corrected.

Thanks in Advance!!!


Is there any solution for this?

Hi @amitkumar,

This is hopefully just a wee problem of configuration as its also how Suite7 work.

To allow for users in differing time zones crm data is saved as the “Locale” setting which is found in the admin menu and from there converted to the Time zone selected in User settings.

Ensure you have Locale configured to the main timezone, and then ask the users to ensure there timezone within advanced matches their own. At which point time and dates should be displayed properly.

Any further issues or questions please let me know!

In the Locale, there is no timezone in version 8.0.1, attached is the screenshot.

Hi, in version 8.0.4, the timezone is still stucked in UTC (yes, even when changing the user profile local settings).
Does someone know if this has been fixed in a more recent version ? Or if there’s a plan to fix it soon ?

Thanks !

Hi @LJTisseur,

Have you tried using the most recent version: 8.1.2?

If not I’d suggest upgrading and giving it a go there. Keep in mind you also have a timezone option in “Locale” within the admin menu. Your timezone may also be defined by the time on the computer hosting the instance of Suite so it may need to be updated there.

If your issues persist let me know!

It is a bug: