Time Outs

We have created letter templates but when we try to create letters to more than 10 contacts, it times out after 30 seconds. Is there a way of increasing the timeout time, as it were? Or is there another cure?

Also, when we are sending template e-mail to just a few contacts, the contact fields populate perfectly. When we send to a larger number of contacts, the contact fields do not populate. Any ideas?

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If you host SuiteCRM on your own servers then edit the php.ini and increase max_execution_time to a much larger time. Creating letters just takes time so increasing this and restarting Apache should do the trick. While you are in there you should look at increasing the memory_limit as well.

If you are using a cloud solution for hosting then contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase the max_execution_time.

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Thanks so much for this advice - I really appreciate it.

We do host on our own server but I cannot for the life of me locate the php.ini file. Do you know where they normally lurk?

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Oh. Have logged in to cpanel and it seems I have to contact our ‘Administrator’ to make the suggested changes. have dropped them a line and hopefully they will help.

thanks again for your assistance.