Tie survey response to a contact who is not part of a campaign


I have created a couple of contacts. I have also created a survey. I need to send emails to these contacts with the survey link as part of the email. I would like to see the contact name of the person as part of the responses so that I can understand who responded. Please note that these contacts are not part of a campaign.

Any help will be appreciated

I don’t think this is possible.

Are you a PHP developer? Maybe you could send an extra user_id as an HTTP GET parameter appended to the Survey URL. Then you would edit the Survey entry-point in SuiteCRM to make a note of that value and store it somwhere.

Thank you for your note…I was able to pass the contact name parameter through the Survey URL. The value is received correctly when the questionnaire is run at run time…However, like you mentioned I need to edit the Survey entry point to save the value in the survey response. Can you tell me where the file resides… It would save me some time.

I don’t know either, but this seems to be it


note that there is already something there to handle a link back to a Contact :huh: