Throttling options for email marketing campaing


I’m a total newbie of suiteCRM and I am evaluating its potentialies in order to implement it in my organization.

I have a question about throttling options:
my hosting and email provider has an email policy according to which I can only:

  • send 500 outgoing emails per hour
  • carry out 30 POP3/IMAP checks per hour
  • throttle outgoing emails at the very least sending 1 email every 8 seconds

Is there a way to set suiteCRM in a way that respects all these requirements?

Thank you!

Most of the time on shared hosting such limitation will always persists. Throttling and all depends on how frequent emails will be sent. Lets say if you got a webtolead capture form and upon receiving a lead you greet them with an email. Just in case if two leads comes in system in 8 sec one will be addressed and other wont.
Moreover if you think about campaigning certainly it will not suffices the needs. I would suggest either you switch over to other hosting provider which allows more leverage or move to a dedicated server.

Yes it can be done, ignore urdhvatech’s comment for those newer people that may run into this. It is very very possible considering we use throttling 200++ emails only a daily basis(Starts back where we stopped sending 499 every other hour). 2+ years, no issues from our hosting company. Only time we get returns are when it’s a bad email address from entry or client.