This is ridiculous: I cannot login but get a soulful message: your session has expired blah blah blah

So, if I do not get in, I have to erase the SuiteCRM-7.10.7 and put out a warning on the internet: " do not use this open source thing". Can anyone give a clear explanation to a baby of 70 years how to get into my files?


First. I understand things can get a little bit frustrating when working with man made applications because they might contain errors. Now, leaving that behind, I will recommend you to provide more information. Is hard to read minds trough the internet :slight_smile:

Useful information when posting questions:

Version of:
SuiteCRM (already provided)

Also check the logs on your root folder to get an inside on what’s happening when you get the error.



Good morning BrozTechnologies and others frustrated with the soulful message…
My server says Php7.4
and MySql 5.7

What logs shall I read on my root folder…and do I understand the error messages anyway.
There has to be a shortcut to open my SuiteCRM -7.10.7

That’s the first issue to solve, php v7.4 is only supported for Suite 7.11.19 and above:

Diligent: I changed to Php 7.1. The same Blah blah you have been logged out
Any more creative ideas?
I shall upgrade to 7.11.5 if possible.

Try to login from a different browser o different computer.

Regarding your logs, please check this post:

My question: has anyone with this problematic " I cannot login blah blah blah " thing tried to
update to the latest SuiteCRM but when asked which SQL shall be used, points at the
SQL that has the access locked by the earlier version of SuiteCRM?

Is it possible or will many years of mixed info be erased?

If you are upgrading, you will need to use the current DB. If you create a brand new installation, you will need to create a different DB and if you want a different DB user. When installer requires, you can enter that info there. Here more information regarding installation:

If you keep seen that error I’ll recommend you to consult your IT team

Dude, people here are usually pretty nice and helpful. Just ask nicely and people will help you. I get you’re frustrated, we all are sometimes. This is a great community to get help. If bunch of people have chimed in to try and help. Just say thanks, that didn’t work. They are mostly community members trying to give back by trying to help out others.

Here’s what I do in this situation. Attached are my notes. There are a number of things that can cause it and it mostly has to do with your server and how SuiteCRM is installed. Here are some things you can try, usually one of them works for me.