There is no 'Create' button on Subpanel. How to add it?

Hello, please advise how to add a ‘Create’ button on Subpanel?

I have a ‘Create’ button on subpanels at an Account module.

But there is no this button at Calls module for subpanels Contacts and Leads. Although there is ‘Create’ button at Notes subpanel.

There is a strange thing: from the Admin settings of Calls module there are three supbanels: Contact, Leads, Security groups, although in actual module there are five subpanels: Contacts, Leads, Notes, Users, and Security Groups.

How ‘Create’ button can be added thrhough Admin without coding?

What version are you using?

There is no Create button because this is a Relationship between multiple ‘modules’ through a relate field.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to add a Create button without code. However I am interested why the Contact wasn’t created during the call? When in Edit View you have the option to create the Contact to thus relate it to this call.

The point about some subpanels hidden in studio is purely because they are automatic relationships. I believe the Users is based off of the Invitees relationships which are not accessible via Studio.

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Thank you. Yes, it works this way.

When I relate a call to a contact I can see a contact in subpanel despite I can’ t add it.

Before a call was related to an opportunity as I’ve created calls as Activities in Opportunities