There is no action by that name. Module Reminders

When I go to the Reminders menu I get the following error

There is no action by that name.

Depends on what? SuiteCRM version 7.4.3


Did you get work this out?

I have the same issue

Bump. Same issue here

I have the same issue.
SuiteCRM v7.4.3

When I go to Reminders or Reminders_Invitees.

The log file has nothing to do about this error.

Thanks for any help.

Is this after an upgrade or a fresh installation of Suite?

In my case the bug is on the upgrade but a fresh installation also checked. It’s the same.

Same Issue here and mine is a fresh installation!!!
I also got a blank email instead of a reminder …

Any solution for this issue ?

I did a " Quick Repair and Rebuild" but still nothing !

This has been resovled in SuiteCRM 7.5. What version are you running?

hi Guys,

Same issue here with a fresh 7.5.1 installation and I have a js error in the console Uncaught AjaxUI error parsing response



After a small investigation this is the code returned by the call to the Reminders module

"<script type="text/javascript" src="cache/jsLanguage/Reminders/fr_FR.js?v=TQQgGI-Yo8vU6xwwzK6shQ"></script>There is no action by that name"

As the response cannot be parsed by the YAHOO.lang.JSON.parse method it raises the exception and we have this error. By the way, the Reminders module doesn’t have an index action so it shouldn’t be available from the ALL menu at all.


Hello all,

i have exactly the same issue. Did you find a solution to this issue?

Version 7.6.4
Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)


Version 7.7.4. Stil getting [FATAL] Exception in Controller: There is no action by that name. suite crm.