There is any way to make Security accesss by IP?

Hi Everyone, can someone tell me how can I put security access by IP and also limit the user access one at the time simultaneous?

I think SuiteCRM limits to one IP per session already (unless you unset this). I would think that you just configure your firewall on your server to accept the single IP for http/https connections.

However if you only accept a single IP for access, you kind of don’t need to limit the session to a single IP I would think?

Here’s a screenshot of the setting anyway…

The other solution is to add Custom Checks on User Login to validate from pool of White listed ips that you want. I can be Login Hook for user that will check the White Listed IPS and allow or deny the user session.

Thanks for your respponse, I tested but it doesn’t work :frowning: it allow me log ing at the same time in two differents sites.

Can you explain me how can I do that?

Maybe it’s easier to just block IPs at the server level, in iptables for example.

You can user firewalld / firewall-cmd to create zones to allow specific its/ranges or create zones to block ip’s/ranges.

And you can even increase the security by using fail2ban + firewalld, define rules for failed logins in given time etc.

About connections per IP, take a look into mod_qos

LoadModule qos_module path_to_module/
<IfModule mod_qos.c>
        # eg 2 max connection per IP
        QS_SrvMaxConnPerIP 2

You can install it directly using dnf if using EL distro.

# dnf search mod_qos
Last metadata expiration check: 0:51:30 ago on Fri 20 Oct 2023 13:15:06 WEST.
============================ Name Exactly Matched: mod_qos ============================
mod_qos.x86_64 : Quality of service module for Apache