Theme recommendations

Currently working through the first 30 minutes of using SuiteCRM.
Great to see the quote modules etc.

Having been a long time act! user, can anyone recommend or provide guidance on

  1. Is there a theme that can be downloaded that brings ‘Suite’ closer to an act! style layout
    eg Vertical selection of items down the left hand side, and horizontal TABs for history / opportunities under the contact


    • I am sure I will find this sooner of later - but is there an ‘quick’ option to place all the underlying items under a contacts as tabs only (eg to have 10 or so tabs each displaying ‘one thing’ such as opportunity, history etc

Hi there,

1.) The SuiteCRM theme doesn’t currently support an act! style layout. There may be SugarCRM themes on Sugar Forge which have this functionality.

2.) Group tabs/group menus which were in SugarCRM CE will be introduced to the SuiteCRM theme in SuiteCRM 7.1.



Thanks Will.
QUESTION : If I wanted to have my php coder"rework" or “redesign” the interface with a “Metro UI” look and feel, where could I find resources and HOW TO’s?

Of course I would share it with y’all, once done.
Mike Philips

Any recommendations to where I can get more info on creating a “METRO UI” like interface for my CRM. I have a php coder in house.
I posted this today, but somehow my posts are not showing up. trying again.


Hi Mike,

Your first post has to be approved, hence why it did not show. I presume you are discussing implementing the features of something like MetroJS/Microsoft style tiles etc?

This would require a lot of development work to implement. There are no “design” guides. The SuiteCRM architecture is mostly the same as SugarCRM if that helps.



I too use ACT! and have been evaluating Sugar (and others) as a replacement for a couple of years now.

Check out the Theme “CallRooM: Mac OS X Aqua Theme” on SugarForge. It’s the most ACT!-like interface I’ve found so far (free or paid).

You can find it (and several screen shots) here:

With that said, it’s really old. However the developer’s Portuguese website does still exist ( It’s always been my intention if I pull the trigger on Sugar (or now Suite) to contact them to see if they can do an update to the theme.

Good luck

Hi sid,

This is something we would welcome the community to develop, either as an extension of the current theme or an alternative.