Theme Issues going from 7.7.x to 7.10.10

Today I started the process of migrating from 7.7.x to 7.10 10.

Step 1: Upgrade to 7.8.23 - Everything seemed to be working fine after, although i didn’t do much testing. I did test long enough to see to Theme 7, Suite P, and Suite R were all available theme options.

Step 2: Upgrade to 7.10.10 - Still trying to look around, but I see that suite R and Theme 7 are gone as options in the Admin>Themes Menu

Now, interestingly, it seems to have kinda switched me to Suite P. Most Admin windows and the Profile windows appear as expected…


When I go to other modules (Accounts for example) it seems to be trying to us Suite R, which is what I had before, but it renders in a very messy way, as if some CSS files aren’t available, or it is using the wrong CSS files or something.

ALAS, The theme ‘option’ has been removed from the User Profile screen, so I can’t go there to see if I’m still on Suite R, causing the issue, and potentially change it to Suite P.

I looked in the DB to see if I could easily find the theme selection in the tables. I thought I recalled I wouldn’t find it there, and I didn’t. Please advise.


So I fixed this, sortof. I opened my profile and clicked ‘reset user preferences’ which got all modules working as expected, presumably because it actually set my theme to Suite P. This isn’t a very nice fix, however, as I’m sure some settings were reset that I would’ve preferred not to be reset, and I would prefer not to reset all of our employees settings from the admin screens, causing them to have to reconfigure…

This seems like to be a bug… affecting only users who were on an older theme when upgrading to a version of SuiteCRM that only supports Suite R.


I think the upgrader automatically puts you on SuiteP since that is the only available theme now.

What you were seeing was probably only the cached CSS playing tricks on you. Once the proper rebuilds happen and caches clear out the old stuff, it should present SuiteP properly.

I agree. Cache refresh seems to be the key. For safety sake, when doing the upgrade, I’m still going to set Suite P as the default theme and change everyone’s theme to Suite P before upgrading. Probably unecessary.

My point in this post is just to share that ctrl+f5 after QR&R did the job.