Theme Header Menu file not available for Customisation

Looking at header.tpl file, it does not allow for a custom path consideration for _headerModuleList.tpl to help in upgrade safe changes to the Menu Items if we were to add some custom conditions apart from the Permissions and Roles access.

Tried to move the file to custom/themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl but it didn’t helped. Any suggestions on modifying menu display with upgrade safe approach?

This was working, then got broken, then got fixed again. What is the SuiteCRM version you’re talking about?

In the future all tpl custom replacements will work better since a nice generic change was introduced to handle these better.

On version 7.11.10 . The git link to the file is the latest version too so i don’t think its still supported in the latest version.

It’s possible that it is in the upcoming 7.11.11 version, but I can’t check right now…

Ok, found it:

This makes every Smarty include look in the custom directory first.

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Great! these good fixes are still waiting to be pushed to core.

:thinking: I have this code in my test 7.11.10… I don’t remember, maybe I added it manually to test something? You don’t have it in your?

From GitHub I don’t fully understand the status of that fix regarding the 7.11 branch…