Theme funkiness?

ok so on my server we have two different installs of 8.0.3. One that we have out in a production environment, one set up as a test environment.

Trying to tie in security groups to the reports, and it seems that the theme for our production environment is different than the them for the test environment. All other modules I checked match the test environment theme which I believe is Suite8, but the reports module specifically on the production server seems to be on SuiteP… I think I have the themes right, SuiteP had the red buttons and such? Regardless, there is also some other oddities around the reports module on production as it doesn’t give me the security groups panel… Just the basic and report… so then that means I can’t build any security around my reports.

Thoughts or suggestions? Went through and did a quick compare on file/folder permissions and such… Did a rebuild and repair, repaired roles… still no luck.

SuiteCRM 8 has two similar but different visuals, that just depends on whether specific modules are going through the legacy engine or the new engine.

But SuiteP has 4 “sub-themes”: Day, Dawn, Noon, and something else I don’t remember. These create very different colour schemes (though only the colours change, nothing else). These are selected per-user in the user profile.

Anyway to figure out how to make it go through the new engine on a specific module? Like I said - our dev environment, same version and host, reports is a different theme than our prod that is same version, same environment… Or more so on the older version of Suite with the Edit / duplicate / etc buttons across the top - how do I tie in security? On my dev env the security groups sub panel is just there on reports… prod - it’s not. Relationships are the same and such.

There are ways to make new modules go through the legacy engine, for backwards-compatibility issues with customizations, for example. I’ve seen that come up in forum posts here.

But not the other way around - a legacy module requires some specific work by developers to work in v8. So that’s being done progressively, each v8 version sometimes adds a couple of modules.

If you post screenshots it might be easier to understand what you’re seeing. You need a detailed familiarity with SuiteCRM visuals to tell each thing apart - v7/v8, legacy/new, sub-themes… we can help with that if necessary.

ok so this is the reports module on my production env - notice there is no section for security grous, or for schedule reports for that matter.

Here is on my test environment

Both on on 8.0.3 - but the themes here are different… So how do I get security and scheduling on my prod environment. Is this a themes issue?

There must be a difference in your system settings for Display actions within menus
This would explain why you have buttons on one instance and an actions menu on the other.

For subpanels, you might want to check “Display Modules and Subpanels” admin page


and a perfect example of why it’s often to try the simple things first…

Yup - had scheduled reports and security suite in the hidden section for subpanels… and didn’t even think of checking that since I figured it was a theme thing… Thank you!!

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