Theme - Detail View with Subpanels above the page horizon

Hey guys,

Thought I would share my Detailview theme tweak as it makes a huge difference with UI and sales team engagement

I have changed the Detail view to a responsive col-sm-6 - 2 column configuration.



Modifications made
Added class col-sm-6 to


    in a DIV with class col-sm-6

    Changed the display sizes
    data-breakpoints=’{ “xs”: 754, “sm”: 750, “md”: 768, “lg”: 768}

    What I would like to do moving is separate the Subpanels into 2 core configurations so that we can have the core panels at the top with all other relationships full width at the bottom

    Love to get your feedback

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That’s nice. And useful!

And doesn’t seem that difficult to achieve. If we could make this conditional, so it could be controlled by an option, we could add an option in the settings and put it into the main app…

I feel we would want to tweak it a little further before we create the option of generic coding. or at least create an alternative theme.

I am low grade coding, fumbling around.

Question - Do you know how we can select the individual subpanels?
I am assuming it would be an extension of the shortcodes to select Activities and History subpanels.

Duplicating the code section and hard coding the Activities and history subpanels to the top columns and then moving the dynamic subpanels configured from admin back down the bottom with full width.
This would be a global element but I dont know about you but I use activities against all my objects in the CRM and would like this functionality global.


Any word when Suite 8 comes out?

I think we should continue to develop this custom detail view page by ourselves.

SuiteCRM 8 will not be here in the next 12 months:

Odoo, SugarCRM already have very powerfull views, this is really missing in SuiteCRM.

I am now a very good developer. Can someone lead this development project ?