theme colors not changing in beta 7.2

I’m really new to suitecrm, starting building a crm with 7.1.4 about a month ago. But I was playing around with suitecrm 7.2 beta. Got it installed just fine. Changed the theme first thing ( I know not a huge issue) however the Top gradient colour, Bottom gradient colour, Menu border colour, didn’t change. Everything else did change. I refreshed the page. Since this is installed on my local server, I reset it to see if I maybe screwed up something else. No log posted in the sugarcrm.log. Just figured it’s a bug. If there is a way to change it in a file or if I could check a file for you to see if changing the 3 I mentioned actually changes the code, I’d be more than happy to if I knew where those settings are stored.

I’m having the same issue with theme colors not changing.

I noticed that when a color code is changed in theme settings, those changes are written to config_override.php, and it looks like those values in config_override.php are referenced in /suitecrm/themes/Suite7/css/colorSelector.php. Not sure if it would work to replace those references in colorSelector.php with actual color values or if it works to just edit config.php directly. I’m still hoping to find an upgrade safe way of making these changes.

In my case, it doesn’t seem like this is a permission problem. We set up permissions as per the guide for our server type. The color values get written to config_override OK but nothing changes on the site, so I thought it might be a bug as well. None of the changes I apply in theme settings have any effect.

I’m on Version 7.1.4. Anyone know of anything else I should be doing?


it could be permission on the config_overirde.php, if this is not right the changes won’t save

I experienced the exactly same issue, and ended up just editing the “\themes\Suite7\css\style.css” file directly.

It’s not upgrade-safe, so make a note to do it again if you upgrade.