The usability and functionality of email template

I have been testing the feature of campaign these days. And the test of email template of course is part of my job.
After two days’ test, I think I need to let you guys know about some of the findings I got during my test.
My first finding is that I found the editor is not easy to use, especially the image is not easy to choose if you want to set a url for it.
Perhaps just I don’t know how to user that editor?
My second finding is that when I was attempting to put some html code which I copied from commercial email template into the source code, I found that part of css code were filtered.
Even if I tried to update the corresponding field of data table email-template, then found that part of the css codes were striped out.
I got some old posts regarding this issue
found that I am not alone struggling with this issue. And the only method seems to be feasible is manually coding, like the final part of above post mentioned.

My first question is:
is the email template produced by suiteCRM email editor responsive or not? I tested it and found probably not.
Could anyone give me an implicit answer?

My second question is actually for developers.
Would it be possible to develop a feature of import as well as export?
I have tested at least two products which have facilitated this feature. With this feature, you are able to import a template, after text and image customization, you may export it. If suiteCRM is equipped with this powerful feature, the functionality of this module would be improved greatly.

Thank you.

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