The name field is highlighted in orange

Hi all
in the list form there is such a name field
if you set it, it picks up the values, is highlighted in orange, and when you click on it, a preview of the card opens
how to do this with other fields?

Which module?
Which list form?
Which name field?
Preview of the card?
Would you upload screenshots?

Module created by me personally
I open the studio, my project, layouts, list form, in the displayed fields I put a field called “name” and whereas in the first screenshot, the field is highlighted and when you click it, the entire card opens, is it possible to make other fields like this?

“when you click it, the entire card opens”


I think what you’re is calling “highlighted” means that it is a link.

And when you click it you are taken to the related record’s Detail View.

And if I am right then your question is how to make some other field clickable in some other view, right?

Yes, everything sounds right