The field "related to" can't be modified


The field “related to” can’t be modified?
I can’t find it in “studio”.

Thank you.


I want to remove some items from the “related to” field.

Is it possible through the “admin” part or do I have to modify some lines of code?

Thank you in advance.

Normally you would use the “Dropdown Editor” under “Admin”. What panel is that screenshot from?

it comes from the form of creation of the meeting

The dropdown used for “Related To” in Meetings is parent_type_display but I would not recommend modifying it because that dropdown is used throughout SuiteCRM so any changes made will be reflected throughout SuiteCRM where that dropdown is used.

If you still want to modify parent_type_display you can use the “Dropdown Editor” under “Admin”.

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Thank you :grinning:

Actually I want to modify it because there are items that correspond to modules that I don’t use at all.
It is to simplify the form to the users.


You’ll have to delete list items so maybe take a screenshot of the original list so you can always revert later if you decide to use a module in the future.

thanks for the tip, I did it.