The editor of SuiteCRM is not updating my operations, the new fileds are not showing

I went to the editor to add some new fileds in the Opportunities page, than I did a quick rebuild & repair but the new fields are not showing.
I heard that it could be permission problems, but i noticed that the permissions in the custom folder are set to 775, i changed to 775 in the opportunities folders too (custom/modules/opportunities, and custom/Extension/modules/opportunities) but it is still not working, maybe it’s another problem? for me it’s weird because in the costum folder the changes seem to be done (the new fileds), and in the editor of suiteCRM too.


Did you read this documentation:

now I did, maybe some file is missing? i wanted to add a new panel with three fields (client amount, product and client name)
in custom/Opportunities there are three folders:
Ext/Vardefs with these files:
language folder with the file: en_us.lang.php which contains my additions (new fields and panel)
metadata folder with the file: detailviewdefs.php, i checked the code it cointains also the new three fields and panel I actually added

well clearly my changes have been registered, but maybe in the wrong way? for me it makes no sense nothing is appearing after quick repair & rebuild


  1. The example for field name: muy_custom_text_field of module Contacts:
  • custom/Extension/modules/Contacts/Ext/Vardefs/muy_custom_text_field.php
  • custom/Extension/modules/Contacts/Ext/Language/en_us.muy_custom_text_field.php
  • custom/modules/Contacts/metadata/detailviewdefs.php
  1. If you do file manually don’t use prefix _override_sugarfield_ for vardefs file.
  2. Do “quick repair & rebuild” twice

Okay, there was a problem with the file in Ext/Language, I solved it, now everything is showing.
Thanks !