The Docs say you can "Resend" email Invites but how?

The docs below say, “Choosing ‘Resend Invites’ will send invites out to all Delegates associated to the Event who have yet to respond.” But the problem is there is no “Resend Invites” option anywhere to be found. Any suggestions?

Searching the code I don’t see that option anywhere, so I’m beginning to think the Docs are just wrong on this one, though I wonder why somebody would write that if they weren’t looking at that option on the screen… :huh:

We could try learning more about this before we edit the Docs. If you can try some testing, maybe try actioning “Send Invites” again - it should send invites to any delegates that have not yet been invited (added since the last set of invites were sent out). If you are a developer and can look at that code, maybe figure out if there is enough information for that routine to know who to re-invite?..