The CORRECT method for Inserting Tracker URLs

The CORRECT method for Inserting Tracker URLs
Prior to creating Tracker URLs do steps 1 through 3.

  1. Create an email template
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Create Email Marketing within the campaign attaching the email template
    You are now ready to create Tracker URLs (You must start this process will in the Campaign. Adding Tracker URLs to a template while not being in the Campaign will not work.)
  4. Start the process by printing out the template(s) that you want to insert Tracker URLs. Highlight the words that you want to insert the Tracker URLs as replacement for the words. The printed document will be a guide for creating the Tracker URLs.
  5. Create a series of Tracker URLs with the words from the template you want to insert in the email template and the web address you wish to hyperlink to. See an example of three Tracker URLs below. Click on Create.

  6. This menu pops up. Select the Tracker URL from the dropdown (circled in Blue). Next place your cursor where you want to insert the Tracker URL (circled in Red) and then click on Insert URL Reference (circled in Green). The inserting of the Tracker URL is complete. Repeat the insert process for each of the tracking hyperlinks. Click save. (upper left)


LagunaJack, thank you! How can I insert image as tracker url? I’d like to include the link and image in the campaign email template and track those that click on either image or link.

To do so, since there is no link option for a image, you have to insert both an image and a tracker url, then you have to edit the html code and move the image tag inside the link tag of the tracker url.

The code will be something like (simplified):

<img src="image_source_file">
<a href="tracker_url_code">tracker url link text</a>


<a href="tracker_url_code"><img src="image_source_file"></a>

Note that, in the latest version the way to view and edit the html has slightly changed.

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amariuss - thank you. I’ll try this suggestion!