The Advanced search in not working

Advance search option in the Leads not returning the results

Can you try clear button and search it again.
if you have same issue, check out the suitecrm.log or sugarcrm.log it may fail some query.

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Query limit of 1000 reached for Opportunities module for a specific user. Its a non admin user.

How to resolve it


Default query limit for modules are 1000 except special query modules.

You can either increase default query limit for all the modules or add your module to to special query module.
You can write setting in config_override.php at root of your crm installation

$sugar_config['resource_management']['default_limit'] = 2500;
$sugar_config['resource_management']['special_query_modules'][] = '<YOUR MODULE>';

Thanks… Am not a programmer, so this is very useful.
What exactly does this error mean? Also, will increasing this to a higher number have an impact?

That’s fine, you just need to add this two line in your config_override.php and change the module, in your case it will be “Opportunities”

Error mean, by default query limit to specific no of records to retrieve for that module. Basically that is default settings for your resource management. It won’t impact much.

Thanks, did and it works.

The reminder popup doesnt work, if some meeting is scheduled, it doesnt pop up. Have activated the same in the settings.

please help


Meeting reminder popup is not working…
How to activate it.