Textblock field in SuiteCRM 8

Anyone use the Textblock field in SuiteCRM 8? I’m thinking based on the description, it allows you to insert HTML to appear on the front end??? The field appears but the text I inserted does not. I was hoping to insert some instructions for the front end.

Not sure if this doesn’t work, or I’m misunderstanding what it is for.

Hi Paul,

yes, you’re exactly right - I’m using it in the same manner.
Mostly for onboarding and as a long text replacement of the Suite 7 info icon help text.

What version are you using, 8.6?
I’ve been using it in 8.5 without any issues.
And just tested and noticed, that the functionality broke in 8.6 apparently. :frowning:

A demo in 8.5:

Great thanks for confirming. I’ll open a bug on github!

Try out here too :dizzy_face:


username: will

password: will